Greta Pott, a former interior decorator and baker.

1995 I realized I wanted to devote my time to ceramic works. I got a position as  trainée at Wallåkra Stoneware factory and stayed on for two years. During that time I learned at lot from working the clay to set the big salt glaze kiln and work as  potter at the throwing wheel, life was wonderful and I had found my “place”.


After the years at the factory nothing could stop me, I wanted to learn all there was to know about ceramic production. I applied to the ceramic line at the Löftadalens boarding school and moved to Åsa, a small village south of Gothenburg. It was a rewarding year filled with experiments and creative joy, I continued to the School of Ceramics at Lidköping. During the Summer I got the offer, together with a class mate, to work at an old pottery studio in the old town of Laholm.

I was accepted at the ceramic school and was jubilant, now I got the possibility to learn even more! My time at the School of Ceramics at Lidköping was filled with creative individuals sharing my interest and a LOT of hours was spent at the studio. After leaving the school I spent another term in Helsingborg, learning about economics, computer works, marketing and other useful tools for a business woman to be…

On April 20, 2000 I opened up the doors for my very own ceramic studio at the Open Air Historical Museum of Fredriksdal in Helsingborg, a memorable day! During the Summer I worked as a potter at the studio at Fredriksdal while refurbishing my “Winter studio” in the township of  Fjärestad, planning to start up teaching ceramic courses there in September!

Ceramics with all senses

This is a fitting expression to describe my situation of today. During the dark season the main part of my work is carried out at Fjärestad, a small hamlet outside of Helsingborg. There my father helped me to transform my grand fathers old carpentry place to a pottery studio, I am the fourth generation craftsman in the building that was erected by my grandfather’s father in 1909! There I carry out my main ceramic production including wheel thrown stone ware and hand built sculptures. Everything is handmade and gets a personal touch.

I enjoy sharing my ceramic knowledge and the joy of creating with my hands hence I give courses at many levels and with varied focus. If you want to work more independently you can join at the “open studio”. In the end of september 2016 I leave Fredriksdal for koncentrating my work in Fjärestad!



Ceramic education:

Wallåkra Stoneware factory, Vallåkra, Sweden 95-96

Löftadalens School, Kungsbacka, Sweden 96-97

The Ceramic School, Lidköping, Sweden 97-99

Sculpture course, Kärna, Sweden -04



Mid Winter Light, Helsingborg -97

The Old Pottery, Laholm -97, -98, -99

City Library, Lidköping, -98

Läckö Castle, -99

Gallery S, Tibro -99

Allers Publishing House, Helsingborg -99

Fredriksdal’s Open Air Museum, Helsingborg 00-

Fjärestad Old Carpentry factory, Fjärestad 00-

Library of Glumslöv, -01

Bacho, Lidköping, -02

Haldex, Landskrona, -02

Stockeboda Farm, Gärdsnäs -03

F10, Ängelholm -03

Mud sweat and tears, New York -05